About Us

MEXA Brands LLC is a house of brands and importers in the United States that provides consulting and representation services. Along with its sister company, P&L Global Trading, Mexa Brands has more than 10 years of experience in the industry. 

The company specializes in marketing artisanal products from Mexico including spirits, wines, beers, and other products within the food and beverage industry.

Our History

Our group started in 2013 with only one brand of artisanal mezcal in one state, and since then it has expanded to import and represent multiple award-winning and renowned products from Mexico. Our products can be found in 25 states across the country. In 2019 we decided to start Mexa Brands LLC to expand and diversify the offerings of the unique, artisanal Mexican portfolio for the markets we serve. We sell online and ship anywhere in the US.

As brand-owners, importers, distributors, and brand ambassadors, we acquired extensive experience in all of the most important areas of the industry, supporting their ability to successfully position products in the highly competitive US market.

Our Promise

Family, Fairness, Authenticity, Honesty, Knowledge, Responsibility, Respect, Ethics, Morals, Commitment, Quality, Collaboration, Innovation

15+ years of experience

The founders have been in international business since 2005 and in the importation, distribution, brand developments in México and the USA since 2007

Diverse team from different countries

We’re super proud of our diverse and talented team.

México – USA

We work with dozens of businesses just like yours to help them position them across the USA.

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